Biological Package Plants


The Green-Tech Biological Plant is designed according to the specific requirements of the customer and to comply with the legal requirements of effluent discharge.


Due to its modular design the Green-Tech Biological Plant can be sized to process any amount of biological degradable waste water. Typical uses include Sewage and effluent from:



                                  Factories               Wine Cellars                   Shopping Centres          Housing Schemes





The RAS Plant consist of five phases.

  • Effluent enters the RAS facility in the first chamber. The effluent flows through to the second chamber where the an-aerobic digestion takes place.

  • From the an-aerobic phase the effluent flows through to the aerobic phase where the aerobic bacteria digest the pollutants.

  • From the aerobic phase the effluent flows through to the final settling tank for clarification.

  • The activated sludge is returned to the an-aerobic chamber.

  • From the final settling/clarification chamber the effluent flows to the disinfection chamber.

  • The treated effluent is discharged out of this final chamber into a natural waterway or irrigation tank.

We offer different Waste Water Treatment Plants systems

Containerised Plant

Plant size : 10 to 300 m3 per day
Cost effective, short installation time
Modular and easy expandable
Easy re-deployable


New Generation Green-Tech plant


Plant Size: 12.5 to 300 m3 per day

Modular, easy re-deployable plant.

Colour coded to suite client’s needs


Medium size WWTP

Plant Size: 800 to 15 000 m3 per day.

Plant is modular and can be expanded

Cost effective, short installation time relative

to traditional plants.