Industrial Waste Water


GREEN-TECH is in association and have the technical support of K-PACK Water Technologies BV in The Netherlands, being a leading Waste Water Treatment Company in Europe and global supplier since the 1970's.










We specialize in Industrial Waste Water Treatment. Using standard modular equipment being selected from design parameters that are established by Jar Tests and Chemical Analysis of waste water samples and including a chemical program, we can supply you with a cost effective solution for treating your waste water to comply with the relevant local government by-laws.


Our installations are suitable for primary, secondary (biological) and tertiary waste water treatment. Our scope of supply consists of a.o. modular cross flow settlers, DAF units (Dissolved Air Flotation), pipe flocculators and compact biological treatment systems.Additionally we deliver products like screens, sand filtration, active carbon filtration, water softening and reverse osmosis.


Settlers (cross flow separation)
- PCS type

- CPS type

   Capacities from 5 - 500 m3/h

Oil/Water Separators (cross flow)

- PCI type

- CPI type

   Capacities from 5 - 385 m3/h

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)
- PWF typoe counter current flow

- CPF type counter current flow

- PWL type cross flow

- CPL type cross flow

- PCL type combination counter current

   and cross flow

   Capacities from 2 - 750 m3/h

Pipe flocculators
    Capacities from 2 - 750 m3/h